A partnership between YMCA Alumni and the Sioux YMCA

YMCA Alumni National Service Project
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Bringing reality to the dream of the Sioux YMCA staff and Board of Directors to provide much needed temporary housing in the form of a tiny home village near its Dupree, South Dakota headquarters and to build “twigs” (small Y branches) so the YMCA can expand its programming to communities across the far-flung Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.

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George Painter, chair of the Project management ("Boots on the Ground") committee is on site and is asking volunteers to join him as the actual building gets underway.

Our vision:

The YMCA Alumni National Service Project unifies the efforts of all chapters and all members in service to our mission.

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Our mission:

The mission of YMCA Alumni is to enable members to promote a nurturing worldwide Christian Fellowship that provides educational, social and charitable opportunities. 

Our partner:

YMCA Alumni is partnering with  the Sioux YMCA in every sense of the word. We are not creating a project for the YMCA, but with the YMCA, based on their needs and hopes.

Frequently Asked Questions/YMCA Alumni

What is YMCA Alumni?

An association of retired YMCA professionals whose mission is “to enable members to promote a nurturing worldwide Christian Fellowship that provides educational, social and charitable opportunities.”

Why a National Service Project?

To meet the “Serve” component of “Connect, Travel and Serve,”  the organization’s guideposts. 

What project was chosen?

A proposal from the Sioux YMCA to build a Tiny Home Village and "Twigs" (small branches or program centers).

What are the project goals?

To benefit a deserving organization while involving our chapters and members in a meaningful multi-year service project. 

Who made the selection?

All 17 chapters were represented on a Task Force that reviewed  the 37 projects submitted for more than a year before making the unanimous selection. The YMCA Alumni Board gave final approval.

Who is planning the project?

The Board established a National Service Project Standing Committee with full chapter representation. Sub-committees on Marketing, Fundraising and Volunteers, and Project Management have developed a comprehensive implementation plan.

What criteria were used?

The projects were evaluated based on these attributes: challenging; achievable; sustainable; impactful; donor appeal and involvement. 

Who developed the project?

The Sioux YMCA based on their community needs assessment. The Allen-Stone Chapter submitted the project.

Will the project impact chapters?

Participation will help chapters grow by members becoming active in a meaningful service project; attracting new members (recent retirees), and providing additional opportunities to connect. 

How can members participate?

Click  the Volunteer Tab in this virtual case for a list of volunteer and fundraising opportunities. Complete an interest form, submit a question and/or contact your chapter representative.

What does the Chapter Rep do?

The rep helps engage members in an impactful service project by recruiting leaders to work on fundraising, volunteer recruitment and marketing.

Who is my chapter rep and how can I make contact?

Each of our 17 YMCA Alumni Chapters has  representative on the Standing Committee. The list of members is available below.

How will we be kept informed?

Regular updates will be included in The CONNECTION, chapter newsletters, and on Facebook.  A marketing plan has been established. Each chapter will have its own marketing representative. 

The Sioux Y and transitional housing

The Y  is a member of the Y-USA Housing Network thus benefiting from the best practices and experience of other YMCAs involved in housing. However, the Reservation community is vastly different from every other Y programs so the housing program is fluid and more responsive to the immediate needs.

The housing program

The Y currently has a pilot housing program operating out of the staff apartments with two residents. The Tiny Homes will allow the Sioux to serve more residents with housing needs. The program will target individuals, ages 11-26, and will focus on providing a safe space for individuals to rest and recoup prior to their participation in job training and other support services.

Additional housing programs

Our project is one step in improving housing accessibility on the Reservation. The completion of the Tiny Homes will provide a foundation for the tribal community to invest in other housing opportunities. Existing and future partnerships with other organizations will provide the needed support services.

National Service Project Standing Committee

Here is a list of all members of the YMCA Alumni Board's Standing Committee for the National Service Project.  Your  chapter's representative to the committee is listed here.