National Service Project Leadership Team

L-R Top Row:
Lou Falk
, National Service Project Chair (New England); Steve Rowe (Marston); Carmelita Gallo (Schreiner);
George Painter
Bottom Row:

Linda Dean
(Messer-Brandenberg); Paul Andresen (Lyon);
Gary Graham (Central Atlantic)

A hard-working committee

Representatives from all 17 YMCA Alumni chapters have met monthly via Zoom video for the past several years to make this project a success. Most every meeting has close to 100 percent attendance. Committee members are listed below.

Members of the Standing Committee

Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall (Weatherford) * Paul Andresen (Lyon) * Nels Bagnardi (Greater Ozark) * Linda Dean (Messer-Brandenberg) * Carmelita Gallo (Schreiner) Don Gardner (Upper Midwest) * Gary Graham (Central Atlantic) * Steve Gunn (Chambers) * Bob Martin (Willis) * Bill Moss (Grand Canyon) * George Painter (McBurney-Morse) * Harry Rock (New England) * Mike Robinson (Allen-Stone)  Steve Rowe (Marston) * Dan Sager (Hoosier-Buell) * Bob Smeenk (McCoy)
Nick Zimmer (Mott): Ex-Officio: Jean Carmichael (YMCA Alumni President)
Craig Altschul (Communications counsel)

Case for Support Website Creative Team

Craig Altschul

Website design; copy writing. Communications counsel for Standing Committee.
craig altschul + associates, Sahuarita, Arizona. [email protected]

Connor O'Brien

 Video Producer; VATIV Media, producers of the video on the front page.; [email protected];

Randi Sidman-Moore

Principal photography.
Randi Sidman-Moore Photography, Park City, Utah [email protected]

Additional credits

Additional photography by volunteers Jan Leigh (Allen-Stone) ; Jody Skelton (New England);  George Painter (McBurney-Morse)

Additional video by George Painter (McBurney-Morse)

Additional copy writing of FAQ sections by  Carmelita Gallo (Schreiner) and Steve Rowe (Marston)